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About Technometalliki


Technometalliki specializes in metal construction and decorative applications. Passion for perfection and a love of metals were the raw materials with which our company created a series of works of art, specially constructed in order to give a unique view of the spaces of a modern home, which remain unchanged over time with respect to the quality of their construction as well as their ergonomic. 

Our works constitute living proof of our professionalism, with modern lines and high quality.

From 2008, Technometalliki has applied the ISO 9001 System to the quality management of metal constructions, which is also considered as the main body of the organisational structure.

With more than 23 years of know-how and experience in the field, we can execute any metal construction perfectly.


We started in 1999 in a small 50 m² workshop. Great passion, love and hard work helped us progress out of this small workshop and we are now located in our private 600 m² working space in the Aradippou Industrial Area.

All these years, our insistence on the provision of better services has driven us to be trained in specialized seminars and kept us up to date with the latest developments and services in our sector. The most demanding constructions are realized with the support of the most appropriate operational programs (software) and full equipment.

Our full specialization in the production of durable, high quality metal constructions promotes and establishes us in our sector.